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Hey sam, please dont do something that would hurt you. Maybe you dont see it now, but there is awesome things to live for. Whatever youre going through is just a rough patch, please stick it out. There is good out there, great even, and I'd want you to experience it to its fullest.

Honesty I’m not looking forward to waking up tomorrow and hoping that whatever I took will keep me asleep.


Just another day at the office: Kolohe Andino’s VISA commercial shoot in Tahiti.

Top two photos: Servais | Bottom photo: screenshot

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Please don't do it

Ever have the worst kind of guilt that eats you alive, slowly and slowly. Feeling every bit of pain.

I need someone to convince me to not take all of my sleeping pills rn. So damn close it’s been on my mind for the past four hours and I can’t shake it.

Oh the suicidal thought are caving in.